Forgot to post my favorites from my visit to the Tate in January.

Dali, Forgotten Horizon

August Sander, Girl in a Fairground Caravan

They were also screening some films by Jean Painlevé. Really neat surrealist nature documentary films.

Favorites from the Louvre

My first weeks in Paris were spent regularly returning to the Louvre. Asides from recognizing about every painting Darcy Grigsby has ever shown me in class, I also found a couple new favorites.

Paul Delaroche, La Jeune Martyre, 1855

Francesco Botticini, La Vierge et l'Enfant en gloire, entourés de sainte Marie Madeleine, de saint Bernard, d'anges, de chérubins et de séraphins, 1485
A totally strange altarpiece with really great cherubim and seraphim.

Baron Francois Gerard, Psyché et l'Amour, 1798

Baron Jean-Baptiste Regnault, Les Trois Graces, 1793-94

Andrea Solario, La Tete de St. Jean-Baptiste, approx. 1510-24

Ingres, Roger délivrant Angelique, 1819
I fucking love Ingres-- Angelique's totally impossible anatomy and tortured expression here are absolutely perfect.

Abraham Mignon, Fleurs dans une carafe de cristal placée sur un piedestal en pierre avec une libellule, approx. 1650-75
Impeccable detailing, I especially liked all the little insects and lizards crawling on Mignon's bouquets.

Aedriaen S. Coorte, Cinq Coquillages, 1669
Another great Dutch still-life painter.

Daniel Seghers, Domenico Zampieri, Le Triomphe de l'Amour avec entourage de fleurs

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