Teenage ennui gone awry. Godforsaken youth, doomsday in suburbia-- all meticulously rendered through clean lines and stippling. Gnarly.

Do yourself a favor and click the images to view larger. And check out his interview on Fecal Face.


I'd half-forgotten Ed Emberley until coming across this interview on My Love For You about a show paying homage to him that took place over the summer. My grandmother was a librarian and gave me a ton of Emberley's books when I was young. I truly do see the lasting influence it's held on me, it seems I've been infatuated with 1960's illustration style ever since. So thanks Grandma, and thanks Ed.


"Who am I? If this once I were to rely on a proverb, then perhaps everything would amount to knowing who I 'haunt.'
Such a word means much more than it says, makes me, still alive, play a ghostly part, evidently referring to what I must have ceased to be in order to be who I am."
André Breton, Nadja
Hippies and a Ouija Board (Everyone Needs to Cling to Something), 2003
Suitcase: cast and carved dehydrated bone calcium and dust from every bone in the body, microcrystalline cellulose, cold cast iron and brass, rust, antique syringe, crushed velvet, leather, thread, water extendable resin and typeset.
Ouija board, bottles and medicines: cast and carved dehydrated bone calcium and bone dust from every bone in the body, typeset, home-brewed moonshine (potato derived alcohol), wine health tonics (water, sugar, fermented black cherries, yeast, gelatin tartaric acid, pectinase, sulfur dioxide, oak flavoring fortified with 100 year old: hemlock oil, Devil's claw, witch hazel bark, swamp root, powdered rhubarb, pleurisy root, belladonna root, white pine tar, coal tar, dandelion, sarsaparilla, mandrake, mullein, skullcap, cramp bark, elder, ginseng, horny goat weed, tansy, sugar of lead, mercury with chalk and tin-oxide; calcum potassium, creatine, zinc, iron, nickel, copper, boron, vitamin k, crushed amino acids, home-cultured antibiotics, chromium, magnesium, colostrum, ironized yeast, ground pituitary gland, ground wisdom teeth, ground sea horse, shark cartilage, coral calcium iodine and castor oil)
Records: various 1960's 45 rpm records cast in prehistoric whale bone dust, typeset

Living With Death As Something Intimate and Natural, 2005-2006
Oak tree twig carved from dissolved audio tape recording of the heartbeat of an unborn child and the last heartbeats of a loved one, dried flowers picked on foreign battlefields sent home by foot soldiers from various wars, thread and fabric from military uniforms from various wars, veteran's old mason jar, mourning handkerchief, mourning dress fabric and thread, pigments, water extendible resin, willow, glass.

Time Measures Nothing But This Love, 2008
Hand-blown hourglasses, stretched and pulled audio tape recordings of the voices of the world's oldest married couple (80 years), stretched and pulled audio tape of the earliest audio recording of time (experimental clock, 1878), ground resurrection plant, ground rosebuds and rosehips, fir, satin, brass, iron, leather, typeset.

A Homeopathic Treatment for Human Longing, 2008
Glass vials, vintage glass electrode wands, nineteenth-century bloodletting cupping glass, various homemade homeopathic remedies (sound of glaciers melting, voice of oldest ever to live, last heartbeats of loved one, million-year-old blossom, million-year-old raindrop, deceased lovers' heartbeats, extinct animal sounds, extinct languages), various custom-ordered remedies by professional homeopath (black amber, willow, tears, mammoth hair, glacial runoff, voice of oldest widow, black swan bone dust, Sylvia Plath's voice), velvet, silk, leather, ribbon, brass, iron, cork, pine, typeset.

A Homeopathic Treatment for Human Longing, 2008 (detail)

A Homeopathic Treatment for Human Longing, 2008 (detail)

Love Has Value Because It's Not Eternal, 2008
Hand blown glass beakers, stretched audio tape of field recordings of the sound of glaciers melting (2005-06) intertwined with audio tape of various lovers recording their partners' heartbeats as they reflected on each other, ground passion flower, amber, eternal flower, resurrection plant, silk, satin, leather, ribbon, brass, iron, cork, pine, typeset.


Over the summer I made two pieces which I posted on tumblr but failed to post here.

The first is gouache on magazine paper, I call it "Kitten Cult":

Because what is better than a creepy Satanic kitten? Well, probably a lot of things, but I liked this one well enough to hang it near our front door. We installed a candelabra into the wall right above it, I'll share a picture of that at a later time.

The second is a collage I made:

I used clippings from an old illustrated encyclopedia, as well as from an old anatomy handbook I found at a yard sale (over a hundred years old if you can believe it, and it cost me a dollar).


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